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Handmade leather ring with blue Swarovski crystal element set in a silver-tone setting.

Slim genuine leather band.


The cool allure of crystal is combined with the warm elegance of leather to create a simple jet original ring.






Available in all sizes. To find out your size choose from two methods. You can measure inside diameter of a ring you currently own. Or you can wrap a piece of string or paper tightly around your finger. Mark the point where the two ends meet. Measure the string against a ruler to get the circumference of your finger. And look up your ring size.


Leather ring with blue Swarovski crystal


17 | Inside diameter 17mm/0.669 inches, inside circumference 53mm/2.09 inches


18 | Inside diameter 18mm/0.709 inches,inside circumference 57mm/2.24 inches


19 | Inside diameter 19mm/0.748 inches,inside circumference 59mm/2.32 inches


20 | Inside diameter 20mm/0.787 inches,inside circumference 63mm/2.48 inches


21 | Inside diameter 21mm/0.827 inches,inside circumference 65mm/2.56 inches


22 | Inside diameter 22mm/0.866 inches,inside circumference 69mm/2.72 inches


or choose CUSTOM and when placing order leave in comments your exact measurement.